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A monumental frame for picture windows

It could have been made of concrete, brick or wood. Instead, this phenomenally beautiful sunshade is made from solid sheet bronze. Its warm colour and living, reflective surfaces catch the sunlight and balance the cool tint of the windows' heavy glazing. 

The sunshade spans virtually the entire back of the house, its angles perfectly crisp and and tightly aligned. 

This was another collaboration between architects WG+P, structural engineers Webb Yates and PipSqueak. We were involved from the earliest stages of the project, leading discussions about materials, finish and construction methods. We also created and installed full-scale prototype sections in mild steel to show the client the sunshade's visual impact in context with the house and garden.

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A pint-sized cabin that has everyone seeing stars

SkyHut, one of eight glamorous pop-up hotel cabins created as part of a competition – has attracted attention all round for its sleek style, novel design features and total kid-in-a-treehouse joyousness.

Celebrating the dark, starry skies of rural Wales, this Skandi-sleek cabin’s roof can be completely opened up on sunny days and clear nights to reveal your own private slice of sky.
Our task at PipSqueak was to make the roof open in such a way that nothing blocks that “slice of sky”. Our solution was to attach the mechanism inside SkyHut’s rear wall, so that the actuators which move the roof are out of visitors’ line-of-sight. Not only the roof but the entire front wall of SkyHut opens, transforming the cosy cabin into a truly theatrical viewing platform.

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A feast of texture: oak, brass and leather

This handrail's many turns, junctions and changes of material presented a particular challenge: how to preserve the sensation of flow under the hand.

Distressing the leading edges of the brass components gives the look and feel of a much-handled favourite object. Unlike most mass-produced hardware, age and use will only improve it: wearing it in; not wearing it out.

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