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PipSqueak was founded in 2003 by Nick Ford.

Twenty years on, we could never have imagined who our client list would include - leading lights in many fields of industry. Our projects have reached from city centres to a remote observatory - and even the edge of space. Where will your idea take us? 

Who are we?

We are a small team of engineers, designers and researchers

We have a huge wealth of experience and breadth of backgrounds, which gives us the ability to look at new challenges differently.

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Where have we worked?

You can find our work in London museums, aircraft cabins, superyachts and even an Egyptian goldmine! 




Industrial Design

3D Design






What do we do?

We make our clients look good

Good design transforms everything it touches.

Good design allows us to do more with less. 

Good design makes your customers happy.

Good design is an investment in your company's future. 

What do we do?

We create IP for our clients

As part of our design process, we create solutions that are elegant, efficient and - where possible - patentable. 

A patented design is more valuable to a client in many ways. 

How do we do it?

We draw, create and produce

We are big fans of pen and paper at the start of projects: it helps us think fast and flexibly. 

Iterative design using CAD models and prototypes allows us to move rapidly through concepts, proving and improving them as we go. 

Full-scale real-world prototyping is vital for our projects. Immersive augmented reality tech is becoming increasingly valuable but right now, real-world prototypes remain our gold standard for communicating ideas. 

Our journey so far


Nick Ford in a shopping centre

"I lost sight of my 3-year-old toddler while shopping for about 3 minutes. In that time I had conceived a device that would squeak every time he was more than 15 steps from me... a pipsqueak."


Contact Us

Tel: 020 8422 2149

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