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PipSqueak are experts at finding unrealised intellectual property for our clients. Design that is unique and licensable allows our clients to have market advantage.

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Designing IP

A lot of our clients are solving new problems, therefore there is a good chance they are creating unique IP. ​That's not to say there isn't unrealised IP in existing projects and solutions that can be patented with a small tweak.

We see IP and the value of it when others may not.

Our clients have great ideas and may not realise its value, or they do and need our help to get them to a patent application.

Residential Apartment Building

What IP can mean for you?

A granted patent adds value to your business, this is undeniable. That value comes in many different forms in the modern world.

Patents can provide a market advantage through being sole proprietors, a financial advantage through the licensing of the patent to competitors, a tax relief advantage and increase the value of a company in a potential sale.

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