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Mclaren Store desk

Client - Setsquare

In 2007 PipSqueak collaborated to design the reception desks for Mclaren show rooms

mclaren desk.59.2023-03-10.Studio 8.png

Complex mould design

The orange tick was moulded using a multi part tool

The desk was finished in the same iconic coloured paint as the F1 cars

mclaren desk.58.2023-03-10.Studio 7A.png
mclaren desk.62.2023-03-10.Studio 9A.png
mclaren desk.47.2023-03-10.Studio 2.png
mclaren desk.63.2023-03-10.Studio 10.png
mclaren desk.53.2023-03-10.Studio 5.png
mclaren desk.56.2023-03-10.Studio 6A.png
mclaren desk.51.2023-03-10.Studio 4.png
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