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PipSqueak was founded in 2003 by Nick Ford.

Twenty years on, we could never have imagined who our client list would include - leading lights in fields of industry. Our projects have reached from city centres to a remote observatory - and even the edge of space. Where will your idea take us? 

Who are we?

We are a small team of engineers, designers and researchers

We have a huge wealth of experience, young and older, from a breadth of backgrounds, with an ability to look at any problem differently

2017-06-03 05.21.14.jpg

Where have we been?

We have experience in a multitude of fields 




Industrial Design

3D Design






What do we do?

We enable client growth

We do this through generating value for them through IP and granted patents, completing genuine problem solving projects and guiding them through the process

What do we do?

We make our clients look good

We do this by delivering quality and efficient project results for them professionally and with a personal touch

How do we do it?

We draw, create and produce

We are big fans of pens on paper when starting a project, this leads us into multiple CAD models and prototypes. 

Full scale prototyping is mandatory for our projects, we never sign off until we know it works.

What do we do?

We create IP for our clients

We look to develop patentable features of our projects to help our clients grow, gain a market advantage and secure their idea moving forward.

Screen based design only goes so far, often we help clients with 1:1 evaluation prototypes 

Our Journey So Far


Nick Ford in a shopping centre

"I lost my 3-year-old son while shopping. He was out of sight for no more than 3 minutes. In that time I had designed a device that would squeak every time he was more that 15 steps from me: a pipsqueak."


Our Team

At PipSqueak everyone brings something to the table that no one else has, deep analytical skills, high quality CAD skills, or a user and eco centric approach to every project. We compliment each others skills set so as a whole we're a full toolbox.

Nick Ford


Genevieve Hoffman

Research Analyst

Tom Smith

Senior Design Engineer

Sarah Foster

STEM Outreach

Alex Douglas

Product Design Engineer

Chris Ford

Logistics Coordinator

Contact Us

Tel: 020 8422 2149

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